Monday, April 9, 2012

our purpose

This statement of purpose has been drafted by the APMA committee, in discussion with members and supporters.

The (Draft) purpose of Australian Private Midwives' Association (APMA) is  
To represent and support midwives who practise privately in any setting

In functioning as the national body representing midwives who are in private practice, APMA seeks

• To respond to issues related to private practice midwives
• To present the needs of private practice midwives to the regulatory authority – eg to ensure that midwives’ peers are used as experts in investigations and hearings
• To lobby in the political sphere, in response to current issues
• To support and care for members in a non-judgemental way, with flexibility to respond to different people and situations
• To share information with members and the wider community

Note: Private midwifery practice encompasses the full scope of practice that is open to midwives registered in Australia, and is not limited to the setting of practice, such as homebirth, or funding for practice, such as Medicare-eligibility.

Your comments and discussion are welcome.

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