Friday, April 20, 2012

Face of Birth petition

From the Face of Birth website
Online petition supports women's choice in childbirth!


Every woman has the right to decide where, how and with whom she gives birth, but not all women have the same access to funding. If you would like to help change that in Australia, then please sign the petition and spread the word. It only takes a minute!
Readers of this blog will probably know about Face of Birth, and are likely to have signed the petition. IF you haven't, please take a moment CLICK HERE and sign this petition. The number of signatures today is approaching the 500 mark. The Petition site gives people the opportunity to write a comment as to why they signed, which provides an interesting and thought-provoking sub-text to the petition. Here are a few:

 Dr Kirsten Small from Nambour Qld:
Women should not be put in a position where they have to chose between birth at home without a skilled care provider, or the limited menu of options on offer in our hospital.
Denise Hynd, and Australian midwife who has moved to New Zealand:
I will come and practice midwifery when this petition is successful!!
Sally-Anne Brown from Vic
Bring Birth Back Home on Country
Jodi Johnson from Wights Mountain
Because this country is sooo backward in supporting normal birth - through supporting midwifery models.
Michelle Fulcher of Balgownie
Australia's Maternity System is BROKEN and heading towards a more American model will only make it worse and increase the maternity mortality rates!! Look at New Zealand and be BRAVE enough to give Australian women & babies the same protected rights!!! We'll no longer have doctor shortages and midwives will come flocking back!
Bev Walker of Venus Bay Vic
I gave up on the women in the ALP on this issue. Senator Siewert became our hero and one of the few who got it. My first solution would be to get rid of the advisers to the Health Minister and put anyone of several home birth women and midwives in to their place.
Susan Cudlpp from High Wycombe
I am signing because this is a basic truth. Birthing choices are a human right which is being eroded steadily from the lives of Australian women. Women in this country have less and less choice, the medical monopoly exerts more and more power and midwives are unsupported and unprotected.
Marg Phelan from Casuarina NT
Women have the right to birth where they choose and with whom they want. They need to be supported in their choice with Midwives who are fully supported by the Dept of health with Medicare and Insurance. 

Lisa O'Connell from Wentworthville
Because I wanted a homebirth more than anything, but just couldn't afford it on our own! 

The following Comment is from the writer of this post, Joy Johnston

‘Choice’ is a slippery entity that easily moves out of reach when in reality the woman’s access to a particular model of care, or a place in a birth centre or even birth at home is easily overruled by other factors – availability, wealth, service provision and the mother’s or baby’s health status.  In fact, the only real choice a woman has in birth is if she accepts and works in harmony with her body’s natural processes, and finds professional support that will not interfere without a valid reason.

‘Choice’ that is limited by wealth and private health insurance is not choice at all.  A woman who chooses maternity care in a private hospital because she has so called ‘health’ insurance that covers this option may be surprised when she discovers that this choice increases her chances of medical and surgical interventions, and decreases her chances of normal birth.  Those who want normal birth can be appropriately supported by a known midwife who is skilled in protecting wellness in birthing. 

Many of us have been part of the birth reform movement for a long time, in which midwives and consumers have joined together in the ‘choice’ refrain. Now I feel we have been wrong. I think that rather than women's choice we should be demanding the right of the midwife to practise midwifery. If a community has midwives, women can give birth in that community. If a community doesn’t have midwives, or the midwives in the community are shackled to a system that doesn’t even respect the midwife, women can talk about rights and it means nothing. 

A woman really only has one choice: Plan A - DIY (do it yourself), or ask someone else to take over.

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