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listing of sites for Australia's maternal and perinatal statistics

AIHW National Perinatal Statistics Unit
The most recent general report is Australia's Mothers and Babies 2008

Maternal and Perinatal Health Series 45

New South Wales
2007 Mothers and Babies

For 2007, there were 144 planned homebirths across NSW with 31 planned homebirth/hospital admissions, so a transfer rate across the state of 21.5%. The highest homebirth rate was North Coast NSW (Port Macquarie to Tweed Heads) with 44 planned homebirths but it also had the highest reported transfer rate of 25.5%. This rate included the Natural Birth Education and Resource Centre (now closed) which registered its births as homebirths and transfer as homebirth transfers, not birth centre births.

There were also 490 babies Born Before Arrival (BBA) which may include some babies who were born unassisted but went to hospital for their paperwork.

Perinatal Statistics Queensland

Northern Territory
Mothers and Babies 2006

Western Australia
Perinatal Statistics in WA 2007

South Australia
Pregnancy Outcome in South Australia 2008

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Publications of  the CCOPMM
also, see Maternity and Neonatal Performance Indicators.
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