Thursday, October 21, 2010

Disrespect and abuse of women in childbirth

Rally outside AMA House in Melbourne
We would like to hear stories from women and midwives who have encountered disrespect and/or abuse in maternity care.

Many anecdotal accounts are available. Many women and midwives wrote their stories in submissions to the Australian government's Maternity Services Review.

Two well known academics in the field of women's studies have asked that midwives and mothers who are willing to share their stories contact them. This is not, at this stage, funded research. The aim is to make up a collection of accounts that demonstrate issues of women's autonomy and rights in birthing - as both birthgivers and the women workers who care for them. These accounts will be useful in presentations to human rights advocates, and women's health networks.

If you would like your story considered for this project, please send a message to Joy  [].

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