Friday, February 3, 2012

membership in APMA

The APMA committee are checking our membership database, and sending a reminder message to those whose membership has lapsed due to unpaid subscription fees.

This is a good opportunity to invite other midwives who are practising privately in Australia to consider taking out membership, and joining other colleagues in our effort to improve maternity care through access to private midwifery.

For more information about APMA, please click here, and fill out the membership inquiry message.

Of course – should you feel able or willing to make a donation to APMA to assist us further to meet the goals of APMA it would be greatly appreciated.

The fee for renewal of membership is $50.00 annually. Please make payment by direct deposit/electronic transfer into the APMA account, and include your name in the message.

The APMA bank account is: BSB: 067-105 Account #: 10344192

If you are no longer practising as an independent midwife, and would like to continue as a ‘supporter’ of APMA, please let me know [], and that will be recorded on our database.

The APMA committee are also in the process of preparing a Statement of Purpose. Some of the points noted at a recent brainstorming session are:
  • To represent midwives who practise privately – across the full scope of practice, not just Medicare-eligible midwives, not just homebirth midwives 
  • To support and care for members in a non-judgmental way, with flexibility to respond to different people and situations 
  • To respond to issues related to private practice midwives 
  • To present the needs of private practice midwives to the regulatory authority – eg to ensure that midwives’ peers are used as experts in investigations and hearings 
  • To lobby in the political sphere, in response to current issues 
  • To share information with members and the wider community 

Members and other readers are welcome to contribute your ideas and suggestions to the development of a Statement of Purpose.

Joy Johnston
(Vice President, and blogger)

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