Thursday, January 19, 2012

National Maternity Services Plan Annual Report

This report is only 9 pages long, and is worth reading. National Maternity Services Plan 2011 Annual Report
Barriers to implementation and mitigation

The introduction of MBS and PBS benefits for services provided by eligible midwives to provide greater access to maternity care provided by midwives working in collaboration with doctors has had a gradual take-up, as potentially eligible midwives seek to establish the collaborative arrangements required. The Commonwealth is monitoring collaborative arrangements under a framework agreed by the Minister for Health and Ageing which includes stakeholder consultation, collection of data on the management of enquiries, stakeholder surveys and analysis of MBS data. A survey of stakeholder experiences of collaborative arrangements is expected to be conducted by Healthcare Management Advisors (HMA) on behalf of the Department of Health and Ageing by late 2011 and again 12 months later. HMA will be contacting midwives and obstetricians to participate in the surveys. The evaluation of the Queensland Health pilot site for midwife credentialing will also provide information on the establishment of collaborative arrangements.

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